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Winter St. Moritz Winter St. Moritz Winter St. Moritz

…in the naturally elegant Landhotel Meierei:
Traditional hospitality combined with the spirit of our times and a warm-hearted ambiance. 

Monique Kugler & Maurizio Degiacomi
Your hosts and owner

The Meierei of St. Moritz recalls the age of episcopal feudalism.

The name "Meierei" relates to the large farm estates that were located in the Upper Engadin and were owned by the bishops.
If a bishop was travelling, those feudal estates had to accommodate him. Another obligation they had on court-days was to hand over taxes in the form of natural products.

When tourism began to develop, after about 1840, the Meierei gradually transformed in various phases into what we know today as a country hotel - in German "Landhotel".

Neu Winter 2012 - 2013
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